To the editor:

Fireworks have been an Independence Day tradition since the early 1800s. There is something about family and friends getting together to shoot fireworks off together.

I agree that we do need regulations for the fireworks industry. There are federal, state and local regulations to help ensure safety and certain times that fireworks can be shot. Many of the extreme loud noises and injuries you hear about are because of illegal so-called fireworks. State laws allow fireworks to be shot off from June 25-July 4 until midnight. In Columbus, your leaders have elected the shooting time to end at 10 p.m. nightly with the exception of July 4 until midnight.

Making a law to prohibit fireworks from being discharged in the city limits would not work. When you have the citizens of your town wanting to enjoy themselves with fireworks you would simply not be able to stop it. It was tried in the Omaha area and they found it did not work and now allow fireworks to be shot in the city limits.

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate our nation's independence and I hope everyone follows the rules and is mindful of their neighbors.

Daryl Thiele