To the editor:

A recent article about the repeal of Columbus' Sunday morning hard alcohol ban had me pondering.

First, I was amazed such a law still existed in this day and age. Optimistically, I believed our country had moved beyond the point of such weirdly-restrictive laws. Prohibition ended over 80 years ago, there's no way we still haven't learned from that mistake. Yet regardless, here we find ourselves: inexplicably struggling to repeal an inexplicable law.

These so-called "blue laws" are unnecessary. They are an outdated attempt of our government trying to forcibly convert Sunday into a "holy day." They are the infamous laws that previously prohibited — among many other things — playing football, selling cars and, yes, selling alcohol on Sundays. Their intent was (and still is) to strong-arm all citizens into following religious codes.

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However, we don't live under Sharia law like our foreign cousins. We live in 21st century America — where a hard-working factory man deserves a chance to unwind after a long Saturday night shift. Maybe he wants a beer, maybe he wants a glass of fine chardonnay (hey, whatever floats your boat, buddy) or maybe, just maybe, he wants a Jack and Coke.

Would you really deny him such a small freedom? Get rid of these ridiculous blue laws.

Shawn Shonerd


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