Letter to the editor: Safety hazard needs attention

Letter to the editor: Safety hazard needs attention


To the Editor:

$1.9 million of Nebraska taxpayers money for a safety hazard J-turn on the 81/91 junction. The J turn is just a glorified U-turn across a busy four lane highway.

It is a safety hazard; 81/91 junction is at the top of a hill. Southbound traffic can’t see the traffic that will be making a U-turn until it is too late. Vehicles making the U-turn can’t see the southbound traffic until it will again be too late as traffic comes over the hill.

The state sent two men to Humphrey for a meeting to discuss the options on the intersection. The two men were John Thomas and Mike Owen. These two men had their mind made up before they came to Humphrey to put in the J-turn. I believe that these men must be getting a KICK BACK from the NE taxpayers’ money.

The state wants to spend $1.9 million on this J-turn, and then study it for two years. Well, let me tell you my opinion. There will be an increase in accidents with injuries and deaths. When the two men study this and find the results, they will say “we need traffic signals.” Well, if they had any brains they would put traffic signals on the existing junction. The wiring is already there for the lights. Study this for two years. People understand traffic signals; they won’t understand a glorified U-turn.

The liability should be on the two men that want a J-turn and the construction company that will build this safety hazard. Do not put the state responsible, because that means the taxpayers will be paying again.

Traffic signals will not cost Nebraska taxpayers $1.9 million. I think the state could use this money for something like flood relief or repair the damaged roads.

All Nebraska taxpayers should contact Pete Ricketts and let him know your concerns.

Office of Governor – ATTN: Pete Ricketts P.O. Box 94848 Lincoln, NE 68509-4848

Lauren Veik



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