Well, the Democrats are in full panic mode. Now the New York Times is printing anonymous letters about our president without checking if they are true or not. If the person does not have the guts to sign their name they should not print it.

Next, President Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats had their minds made up to oppose who ever he nominated. They were given over 400,000 pages of rulings and comments by Kavanaugh, but they said that was not enough. Yet they could not read 1,000 pages on Obamacare. What hypocrites. How many pages did Obama give on Soina Sotomayor or Elena Kagan? Don't even know if either one was a judge before being nominated. They didn't say a word then. What hypocrites.

Now the Democrats have brought out a woman who is saying Mr. Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when she was 15 and he was 17. People who she said were at the party, most of them have signed statements saying they do not remember such a party. The FBI has done six background checks on Mr. Kavanaugh already and found nothing remotely close to sexual assault. Anyone who watched the hearing saw what the Democrats are all about. Destroy you if they do not like you.

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Trump has done more for this country in 18 months than the last three presidents combined (24 years). I wonder what Trump would accomplish if the Democrats would work with him. What if the news media would support him like they did Obama? What are they going to do when he gets re-elected in 2020? Drain the swamp.

Joe Boruch


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