Frequently asked questions: Comments

Do I need Facebook account to comment?

Yes. You do have to be signed into a Facebook account to comment. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for a free account here.

Will my comments post to my Facebook page?

You can decide whether or not a comment appears on your Facebook page. If you check the "Also post on Facebook" box, then it will appear on your page and in your friends' news feeds. If the box isn't checked, the comment will appear only on the story.

Why are my Facebook picture and name appearing even though I haven't written a comment?

If you are logged into a Facebook account, your profile picture and name will appear next to an empty dialog box where you can write your comment. However, your picture and name won't be visible to other viewers until you post a comment.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

To report inappropriate comments, hover over the post. An "x" will appear at the top right of the comment. Click on the "x" The comment will disappear and you will be give the option to "undo" the action, "report" to the comment to Facebook or to "block" the user.

Can I see comments if I don't have a Facebook account?

Yes. Anyone can see the comments on our stories.

What if I can't see the comments?

Some companies and organizations block Facebook from their servers. If this is the case, the comments will not load on a computer or mobile device running on the network.

My comment disappeared. Why?

Facebook filters out comments with profanity, duplicate posts and overt spam. These messages won't show up. Also, we reserve the right to delete messages with inappropriate, offensive or off-topic content. This includes comments attacking other posters or people within a story.

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