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New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to commit to, but with dedication and support they can be achieved.

Many Schuyler residents find this support at Anytime Fitness, where owners Kim and Glenn Ennen help clients achieve their fitness goals.

“We do what we can to switch things up around here and make it fun,” Kim said. “I know one of the more popular challenges we could have done was a weight loss one, but that’s a given, so I started this planking challenge.”

Planking is an exercise where people sustain themselves on their elbows and feet, like a push-up.

Presenting different challenges to their clients is just one way the Ennens keep gym members motivated.

“One of the things I love to do here is to meet new people,” Glenn said. “I know everyone’s name here and I also get to know what they need from the gym. We’re all a little family here and I really think that’s how you keep a business in a small town. I know it makes everyone feel better about bettering themselves, too.”

This environment seems to work for Keli Aguilera. The Schuyler resident has been getting back into shape for six months.

“I didn’t start this as a resolution,” Aguilera said. "I just started this last summer because I always wanted to be able to jog. It’s something any human should be able to do.”

Aguilera ran on a treadmill next to her mother, Lisa Grant, who was working out for a different reason.

“I have to lose at least 40 pounds,” Grant said. “I’m getting married in August and want to look nice in my wedding dress.”

While New Year's resolutions are common, they don't drive business at Anytime Fitness.

“Our numbers are pretty slow in January,” Kim explained. “But they pick up as the year goes on. Come May, we are very busy around here."

The Ennens maintain an upbeat attitude to ensure their clients stay encouraged while working toward their exercise goals.

“We genuinely care about the people that come in here,” Glenn said. “We want them to do their best, and we give them a chance to do that.”


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