Schuyler Central High School students used their artistic flair to design a mural for the new Schuyler Public Library building.

The project took a full week to complete with around 60 students involved.

The mural, which is in the future young adult room, depicts the history of Schuyler.

Senior Guadalupe Rodriguez led the design team.

“It was a lot of fun to unify all of it,” Rodriguez said. “It was a lot of fun to hear all of the different ideas come together.”

In addition to SCHS art teacher Michael Trotter, the students had another pair of experienced eyes to help them along in the process. Kim Darling from the Nebraska Arts Council offered advice through a grant awarded to Schuyler Public Library and Schuyler Community Schools.

“This mural tells the story of Schuyler,” Darling said. “It shows us the iconography of indigenous Pawnee persons as well as pieces from Czech culture. The research we all did to convey the desired effect was extensive, but this has turned out to be a very meaningful piece to us all. The style holds contemporary, historical and regional iconography to show all who look at this piece just a microcosm of what is happening in Schuyler now.”

Mastodons can be seen roaming the land among Czechoslovakian elements from Schuyler’s past. Animals intermingle with robots and there's a healthy splash of vibrant colors.

One side of the mural features a silhouette telling the story while another silhouette listens on the opposite side.

Sophomore Jaci Grado said the experience has been “really surreal."

“I’ve never done anything this big,” Grado said. “I’ve never been able to show off my work like this in such a public setting. But I’m glad all of Schuyler will be able to see what we have done.”

Trotter said the project was a unique undertaking.

“This was a full collaboration from the entire art department,” he said. “We had everyone come in, even kids who weren’t in art. They wanted to have their voices heard in such a big way. This is truly a Schuyler experience.”