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Schuyler Central High School students make their way to classes inside the school's new addition.

Liz Morales, Lee Enterprises

The ribbon was cut three months ago for a new addition at Schuyler Central High School that includes six classrooms and a music room.

Since then, students and teachers have been adjusting to their new setting.

One thing the addition eliminated is the need for students and teachers to leave the main building to access temporary classrooms. The portable classrooms were removed last fall to make room for a new parking lot completed last month.

Freshman Melissa Escobar said the change has been convenient for her.

“Now we don’t have to wait for the office to let us in,” Escobar said. “That means there is no more waiting for the doors to open while we stand in the cold. The (portable) classrooms also felt way too small.”

Fellow freshman Eric Encarnacion agreed with Escobar, saying "there is nothing I don't like about" the addition.

Some actually miss the portable classrooms, including sophomore Mackenzie Johnson.

“The classrooms weren’t bad,” she said. “It was nice to get out of the building and get fresh air for a couple of seconds.”

Each classroom in the new wing is roughly 800 square feet and the music room is around 2,500 square feet.

Freshman Dominic Semerad spends a portion of his day there honing his skills on the trumpet.

“The old band room was small and really dark,” Semerad said. “This is definitely a lot bigger and brighter, and our arms aren’t hitting each other anymore.”

English teacher Mandy Yosten said the new environment is a welcome change.

“It’s convenient being inside,” Yosten said. “Kids aren’t spending lots of time out of the classroom and it’s all-around very spacious. It’s also nice to be close to the other English teachers so we can collaborate easier.”

Yosten’s colleague, Drey Keairnes, enjoys another perk.

“I really like the new projector board setup,” he said. “It lets me use my computer to project and my iPad to control the projection as I monitor students around the room. It’s definitely a blessing to have this much space and access to technology in the classroom.”


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