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Ho! Ho! Ho! Time for Santa Claus to make his annual visit to the little tots born this year to area parents or who have grandparents living nearby.

This year there are nine new babies — four boys and five girls. Santa has his bag packed with toys and his reindeer led by Rudolph are ready to leave the North Pole. Santa waves goodbye to Mrs. Claus and takes off.

His first stops are in Columbus where he will visit three homes.

First is the home of Steven and April Wachal. Their son, Brecken Thomas, was born Dec. 29, 2016, so he missed last year’s visit. Soon he will be 1 year old so Santa leaves him a three-wheeled Spider-Man cycle. His grandparents are Gary and Shirley Wachal of Richland and Dan and Carol Seiler of Columbus. His great-grandmother is Colleen Wachal of Schuyler.

Next stop is at the home of Bill and Katie Northgate and Santa finds two little boys here. Liam Douglas was born on April 7. Santa leaves him an all-terrain friction truck and race car for his brother James. Their grandparents are Doug and Denise Stevenson of Holdrege and great-grandparents are Theilen and Marilyn Stevenson of Columbus. Doug grew up in the Richland area.

The last Columbus stop is at the Eric and Crystal Bell home. Their daughter Olivia Marie was born March 31. Santa leaves her a Baby Laughs and Giggles doll. For her two brothers Jaxon and Carson he leaves a Disney Cars 3 mega garage and two-piece walkie-talkie set. Dean and Lana Bell of rural Richland are their grandparents.

Santa leaves Columbus and goes to Schuyler to the home of Dan and April Sobota. Macie Ann was born April 28. Santa will leave her a Baby Alive doll and firetruck for her brother Ian. Grandparents are Tim and Brenda Dolezal and David and Tracey Sobota of Schuyler and Marlys Sobota of Omaha. Great-grandfather is Marvin Sidel of Columbus. Marlys is a former Richland resident.

From Schuyler, Santa travels to the home of Brett and Rachel Stuehmer of rural Rogers. Their daughter Anna Marie was born Aug. 14 so Santa leaves her Fisher-Price infant toys and a bouncer chair. Rachel is the third- and fourth-grade teacher at Richland School.

Now Santa travels to Ceresco to the home of Levi and Katie McPhillips. Their new baby was born Nov. 29 so Santa leaves Jamison Jorge a tiny, soft teddy bear. For his sister Maria, who is just over a year old, Santa leaves her a giant plush bear. Their grandparents are Bill and Bonnie McPhillips of Columbus and great-grandparents are Lawrence and Marilyn Kasik of Richland.

Now Santa travels to Lincoln to the home of Ryan and Alicia Klug and their daughter Kennedy Christine, who was born May 27. Santa will leave her a Moana toddler doll and tractor and farm set for her brother Kassen. Greg and Sharon Klug of rural Columbus are their grandparents. Norma Hemmer of Columbus and Louise Klug of Omaha are their great-grandmothers.

Now on to Papillion, to the home of Brian and Bethany Kracl. Elias Brian was born Jan. 19 so soon he will be a year old. Santa leaves him a tricycle and Saddle Stars horse for his sister Myla. Their grandparents are LeRoy and Mary Ann Kracl of Schuyler.

The last stop is in Omaha at the home of Michael and Lora Klug. Their daughter Emilia Kay was born May 19. Santa will leave her a Skyanna doll and train set for her brother Noah. Their grandparents are Greg and Sharon Klug of Columbus and their great-grandmothers are Norma Hemmer of Columbus and Louise Klug of Omaha.

So this ends Santa’s visit for 2017. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry, but I’m sure Santa keeps an accurate list. So off Santa goes, wishing all a merry Christmas and good night.


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