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Fifteen teams signed up for Sunday's coed sand volleyball tournament in Schuyler. Some teams were more organized than others.

One group that stuck out were the "Crazy Beaches" clad in bright yellow shirts with a hot pink logo on the front. All seven team members are Schuyler Central High School alumni.

"We try to support this every year," said Casey Bailey, who lives in Columbus. "Because even though we don't live here anymore, we try to support the community."

Lori Kracl organized the event on behalf of Schuyler Sertoma to raise money for two benches that will be placed along the newly constructed Higgins Trail.

"It's a fun, quick little activity," she said.

Kracl was wearing a gray shirt with "Gold Diggers" on the front along with her teammates and co-workers from Pinnacle Bank in Schuyler. Teams were divided into competitive and non-competitive divisions.

"We're here just for fun," said Pinnacle Bank employee Adrian Herink.

Off the sand volleyball court, Kracl said her favorite part of Labor Day is walking in the parade with the Pinnacle Bank team while throwing candy to kids.

"You see so many kids and they're screaming, 'I want some! I want some!'" she said. "That's the best part."

At Schuyler Golf Club, clubhouse manager Luann Vavricek had little time to stop and chat.

"I've got 124 golfers out there," she said during Sunday's alumni tournament. "I've had four class reunions so far and I have one more tonight."

Vavricek said tee times filled up one or two weeks ago.

Bill and Jenny White, who are returning to Schuyler after living in Hong Kong, couldn't get a tee time for a round so they were catching up with friends in the clubhouse.

"It's what people do, come back to Schuyler for Labor Day," Bill White said. "A lot of people come back home."

Schuyler Community Development housing coordinator Brian Bywater, who graduated from high school in a small town in South Dakota, said he admires how people from Schuyler return to their hometown each year.

"It's really neat that people have that connection to Schuyler, even after all those years," he said. "We don't have that where I went to high school."

Josh Pycha, who lives in Kearney, was in town for his 10-year class reunion, though he said he comes back every Labor Day.

"The town's changed since I graduated, but it's nice, too," said Pycha. "It's still good people. That's the only thing that hasn't changed."


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