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Schuyler Elementary School has a new sports program for its students.

Assistant Principal Darin Kovar noticed there was a number of students at the elementary level who wanted to learn how to play volleyball. This gave him an idea.

“We already have a strong youth soccer and wrestling program,” Kovar said. “So I just wanted to fill in the gaps with youth football and volleyball. So far, the idea has been working well.”

This school year marks the first season of youth volleyball.

Four grade levels are participating on two teams with 30 players total. One team is fifth- and sixth-graders with two coaches and another includes third- and fourth-graders with three coaches.

Susana Carias coaches the third- and fourth-graders.

“I played volleyball in middle and high school,” she said. “Now I volunteer coach for my son’s basketball team, but volleyball is my zone."

"This is already a great place for kids to be. I want to encourage parents to get their kids more into different activities. Kids desire to explore and there is no language barrier," Carias added.

Before the middle school field house opened late last year, a lack of space limited youth volleyball's ability to take off.

“There were 65 middle school girls who wanted to go out for volleyball last year,” Kovar said. “But because there wasn’t enough space we would have to bus them to the elementary school.”

Since the program is only in its first year, Kovar and the coaches are still making adjustments as time goes on.

Kovar said Schuyler Community Schools is also looking to start youth tackle and flag football programs.

Youth basketball begins this winter, allowing students from kindergarten to sixth grade to participate.

“We are all working to develop youth sports for students as they move up to middle school and high school,” Kovar said.


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