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LINCOLN -- Troy Walters talked fast as he described the offensive system he helps coach.

It was only fitting because it's a no-huddle system that essentially tries to do everything quickly.

"That's kind of the M.O. of this system," said Walters, Nebraska's new offensive coordinator, who held the same title in 2016 and 2017 at Central Florida. "The proof is in the pudding. It's been successful at Oregon. It's been successful here (at UCF). Our main job and our main goal on offense and defense is to really put stress on the opposing team. We feel like we can do that by playing fast — getting (foes) out of their comfort zone.

"Everything we do is going to be in attack mode. We're going to attack each day, attack each practice, attack each meeting. And I think once the guys realize what type of speed we're going to play with, the type of mentality ... We just want to make sure we're getting after whatever is in front of us."

Walters, during an interview on the Husker Sports Network's "Sports Nightly" radio program, spoke of the confidence Central Florida's coaching staff gained while transforming the program into one that's undefeated entering the Jan. 1 Peach Bowl against Auburn.

Following a wildly successful two-year run at UCF, Scott Frost on Dec. 3 was introduced as Nebraska's head coach and brought the entire Knights staff to Lincoln, where it will begin full time following the Peach Bowl. The Huskers were 4-8 this season and lost six of their last seven games — including four embarrassing blowouts.

Frost, Walters and company took over at UCF in 2016 after the Knights were 0-12 in 2015.

This season, their offense ranks No. 1 nationally in points per game at 49.4.

"Anytime you take over an 0-12 program, it gives you a blueprint of how to get things turned around," Walters said. "We're going to use that same blueprint (at Nebraska). We're going to go in there and build relationships, get to know the young men, allow them to get to know us, build that trust factor and let them know, 'Hey, if you follow this process, if you buy in, if you trust the vision that Coach Frost and the coaches have for you all, then this is what can happen.

"Twelve and zero is attainable. But I think going there (to Lincoln), we're better off than we were when we came (to UCF)."

Walters and Frost don't go back all that far in coaching — just their two years together at Central Florida. Although both played at Stanford, Walters, a receiver, was enrolling in 1995 as Frost was transferring to Nebraska to play quarterback.

However, they have mutual friends and spent time together during several offseasons.

"Scott always told me that when he got a head-coaching job, he wanted me to come aboard with him," Walters said. "And it's been great these last two years. He's a tremendous man of character. He's a winner wherever he goes, and we've got a great staff."

Frost wanted to keep that staff together at Nebraska. Walters understands why, saying the chemistry among coaches is excellent. He said it shows in how well players are prepared and developed.

"Coach Frost would not have left his job (at UCF) if most of the assistants would not have come with him," Walters said. "It was a no-brainer decision. We all want to stay together. We respect coach Frost as a man, we respect him as a coach, we respect his vision for the program, and what he believes in."

Walters made it clear that preparing UCF for the bowl game while recruiting for Nebraska has been a challenging situation.

"It's been crazy busy, but it's been a blessing, it's been great — getting the opportunity to come to Nebraska, a storied program with tradition and history," he said. "It's a tremendous honor. I can't wait to step foot in Lincoln and get the process rolling."

First, though, Walters wants to help finish off the Knights' magical season.

"We've got a great group of guys," he said. "They've bought into our system, bought into what we've been preaching and teaching. This year has been evidence of what you can do when guys put their mind to accomplishing a goal.

"We want to definitely finish this thing off the right way at UCF, and then look forward to the next chapter at Nebraska."


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