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Forty-five games. The streak. Ugh!

Six years ago was the last time the Schuyler football team won a game. No, this is not an editorial to question the long streak or ponder why the wins aren’t coming. Coach Aaron Thumann and his staff have the program heading in the right direction and the wins will come.

This column is about what could be. Friday may be a magical night in Schuyler as 0-8 South Sioux City comes to town. The Cardinals have been losing their games by similar scores to Schuyler.

In other words, this game is up for grabs. As Thumann said, “We are going to give our best and they are going to give their best. Our best has to be better than their best.”

This is not an editorial with a prediction of a big Schuyler win. We have been down this road too many times in the past when the Warriors “should” or “could” have beaten an opponent only to fall and add one more black mark to the losing streak.

These are two evenly matched teams that are both hungry for their first win of the season. These are two teams out to prove something. These are two teams that are 48 minutes of football away from salvaging some pride at the end of their 2017 campaigns.

As similar as these two teams are, Schuyler Central has one huge advantage. The Warriors are playing at home in front of their fans. Guess what? That puts a mountain of pressure on the Schuyler fans. We could be the difference-maker. We could be the momentum-producer that notches a victory for the Warriors.

Two things need to happen. We need a huge crowd at the football complex on Friday night. There should not be one empty seat in the bleachers. Every high school student, every football parent, every SCHS sports supporter, every Schuyler graduate in the area needs to get down to the football complex for the 7 p.m. kickoff.

The second half of a victory formula is that full house needs to make noise, lots of noise. We are not going to yell at the officials, we are not going to yell at the opponent, we are not going to yell at our players if they make a mistake, we are going to make positive noise, fun and exciting noise.

This could be something to be part of. This could be one of those things that years from now you can bounce your grandchild on your knee and say, “Yes, I was there the night Schuyler ended that losing streak when they beat South Sioux City.”

The Cardinals want a win just as much as the Schuyler football community does. They are not going to just roll over and let the Warriors win. It will take a complete team effort and it will take a football stadium filled with Warrior football fans who are going to have the time of their lives cheering on these young men.

Yes, this could certainly be a night to remember. So where are you going to be?


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