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With fewer windows for sunlight and minimal insulation, garages can get very cold in the winter, discouraging tinkering and maintenance. The solution is a garage heater.

No doubt you’ve gone out to start your car on a cold morning or after having accidentally left you’re lights on only to find the battery drained. Here we detail how to safely jump start a car and get moving again.

I am a firm believer that everyone has a love-hate relationship with roads. We love how roads give us the ability to travel quickly from one p…

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To keep your routine running smoothly, set aside a day and a time (Sundays usually work great) to go through your pending tasks, update your calendar, check your goals and create a plan of action for the upcoming week.

Although it isn’t a typical maintenance problem, if left unchecked, rust can ruin a vehicle’s finish and eventually its structural integrity. Here we list the best rust conversion and prevention products.

Truck toolboxes serve a utilitarian purpose: to secure and protect tools and other small items you might want on a job site or for recreation, but they don’t have to be ugly, ungainly or expensive. These top-rated toolboxes offer efficient storage and style.

Motor oil prevents engine wear and pricey repairs, but not all oils are alike. Our list of the best motor oils for 2021 can help you figure out which one is the best fit for your vehicle and driving needs

Car covers help extend the life of a vehicle’s paint while helping save time and money on washes and maintenance. Shield your car from the elements with Forbes’ five top-rated covers.

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Landscaping and gardening tools that are electric- or gas-powered may require maintenance or service before you use them this season. Electric tools like a cordless hedge trimmer will need to be charged fully prior to use. If the rechargeable battery doesn’t hold a charge as well as it used to, you may need to replace it. Gas-powered tools need their fluids and tires checked.

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Reagan Kastner is a houseplant stylist and “the hero your dying plants need,” so it’s no surprise this TikTok plantfluencer is there for first time plant parents. If you’re dipping your toes into the world of plant buying for the first time, she recommends the hearty ZZ plant thanks to its ability to tolerate anything from low to bright light, the low maintenance watering schedule, and the easy of cloning giving you more bang for your buck.

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These plants original to a specific place generally are lower maintenance, requiring less water, pruning and fertilizer.

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My dad said he took care of the truck, but it’s still probably a good idea to start moving down the list of preventative maintenance items. The oil is new, but I haven’t had a chance to change any other fluids yet. That includes the transmission and differentials.

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