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Watching one of the first days of UConn women's basketball practice, former Georgia men's basketball coach Mark Fox couldn't help but be transported back to the '70s. More specifically, he was taken back to a commercial that aired where two men in suits are talking when one says, "My broker is E.F. Hutton, and E.F. Hutton says ... " At the mere mention of Hutton's name, the room is immediately ...

I never had to cross the border by risking my life in the desert or jumping over “La Bestia,” the Mexican “Death Train” many Central Americans use to get to the U.S. to seek a better life. But I know that being an immigrant — even when you don’t experience desperate situations — is difficult and complicated. The news in recent days has made me angry, sad, and frustrated — and I know I’m not alone. I’m outraged by the sounds, images, and videos pouring across social media and on the news detailing the experiences of more than 2,300 children who have been separated from their parents at the southern United States border. And our kids are paying attention, too.

One of the toughest jobs of parenting is talking to your kids about difficult subjects. It’s hard enough to explain when Mr. Teddy Bear gets eaten by the washing machine. Or how their bike got stolen at school. It feels impossible to put into words the really big issues, such as violence, racism, drugs, and other weighty topics. But in the age of cell phone notifications, streaming video, and 24-hour news coverage — when even little kids are exposed to serious stories — it’s important to face this challenge head-on. Addressing the tough stuff makes your kids feel safer, strengthens your bond, and teaches them about the world. And when you show them how to gather and interpret information, ask questions, and cross-check sources, they become critical thinkers. It’s always sad to confront the issues the world hasn’t been able to solve. But by investing our kids with knowledge, compassion, and strong character, we can give them all the tools they need to make things better.

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