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Westbrook Lanes Cheyenne league is the featured league today.  League secretary Gary Muth says they have 15, five-member teams that bowl 34 weeks. The league champion is crowned following a roll off between the first and second-half winners. 

Last season’s champions was Lamplighter Lounge. Team members include Thomas Kapels, Joey Irwin, Justin Eckholt, Alden Elm, Brandon Silvey, Brent Fiala and Mike Tiaden.

Just five weeks into the young season, Lotto Nebraska and SSBH are tied for first place with 15-5 records. Steve Getzfred, Dave Hellbusch, Mike Woosley, Pat Force, John Eckholt and Rob Brunken bowl for Lotto Nebraska. SSBH is made up of Jim Anson, Charlie Wozny, Warren Hellbusch, Lynn Broxterman, Tom Moore and Troy Paben.      

At the start of league play, Lotto Nebraska held both the high team game and series with a 1167 and a 3299. 

On the individual side of things, the elder Eckholt holds all three of the honors. John has a 300 game, 811 series and a 230.53 average.    

Following league play (Sep. 26th), A J Electric shot the high team game with a 1043.  Muth, Kyle Brestel, Tom Riedmiller, Rick Krings and Eric Brabec make up A J Electric. Lamplighter Lounge rolled the high team series with a 3029.  On the individual side, Mike Faltys had both the high game and series with a 298 (+100) and a 754 (+160). 

There were three bowlers not named Faltys that made 50/100 club.  Leroy Thiem led the way with a 225 (+74) and a 615 (+162). Next was Steve Schneiders with a 217 (+71) and a 584 (+146). Finally, Broxterman had a 231 (+54) and a 643 (+112).

There waere five other bowlers that shot games that were 50 pins or more above their average. Muth was plus 83 pins with a 278. Pat Meysenburg's 224 game was 62 pins over. Tiaden was 55 pins to the good with a 204 game.  Dave Casper was 51 pins on the positive side with a 234 game. Last, but not least, Chuck Jensen was exactly 50 pins above average with a 268. 

One other noteworthy performance came from Ron Bouc. Bouc’s three games combined to be 88 pins above his average. 

Nice bowling to one and all. 

Westbrook's weekly leaders included Mike Faltys for the the men shooting a 298 and 754 while Shayla Long led the women on a game of 258 and series of 679

At Boulevard, Bill Held rolled the high game with a 297, Patrick Meyer had the top series at 742 and Khara Lyon led all the women with a 224 game and a 602 series.

Next week I hope to feature the Thursday Cheers league from Westbrook.

Chuck McCarthy is a freelance writer for The Columbus Telegram. Check out his weekly installments of Kegler's Korner every Thursday.         

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