Now for this week’s featured league is the Centennial League from Boulevard Lanes.

Centennial is considered the best league in town due to holding the distinction of having the highest average per bowler with a 196 last season.  The league bowls 36 weeks with the league divided into thirds. 

The winners of each third meet in the roll-offs, along with the team with the best overall record that didn’t win any one of the thirds.  This is one of my favorite leagues due to the unique point system.  

The Centennial uses the 40-point system. There are ten points for each game, five points for the winning team and one point for each individual match up.  Also, the team that ends up with total pins is awarded five points. New this season, there are five additional points for individual series, equaling the 40 point total.

Each bowler receives handicap of 95 percent based on a 220 average. The highest handicap any individual can receive is 57 pins. Any average under 160 will not receive anymore than that. Also, anyone with an average higher than 220 does not receive any handicap. 

Having completed 33 weeks already, Ginger Moon Insurance and Gus’s Pro Shop both have reserved their spots in the roll-offs. 

Dennis Meyer, Dave Hellbusch, Brad Stirek, Brent McGrew, Gary Muth, Craig Whitmore, Paul Hansen, Darrell Janssen and John Eckholt all bowl for Ginger Moon Insurance. Members of Gus’s Pro Shop are Les Umstead, Curt Behnken, Erik Christenson, Gary Slizoski, Gus Schrad, Rick Hanus, Marty Altstadt and Kendall Howser.  

Those teams look to dethrone the two-time defending champions, JnJ Vapor. Corey Rieck, Derek Birman, Nathan Bordy,Corey Bruce, Jason Jakub, Chris Scheel, Nathan Bernstein, Jerome Jakub, Jake Lawrence and Jesse Timm bowl for JnJ Vapor. 

At the start of league play (April 3rd), Ginger Moon Insurance sat in first with a 263-97 record. The high team game and series belong to Stack-n-Steak with a 1248 and a 3445. Randy Cline, Patrick Meyer, Pat Force, George McCarthy, Mike Long, Ryan Lewis, Troy Paben and yours truly.   

On the individual side this season, three bowlers have rolled 300 games.  Dave Neemeyer, Zach Lesiak and Jim Murcek all have found perfection. Brandon Silvey has the high series with a 806. Dennis Meyer holds the league high average with a 229.98. 

One other stat that is kept in the league is the best win percentage for individual points. Meyer also leads the way by winning 70.45 percent of his matches.

The league night of April 3 night saw Wyatt Ellis roll the high game with a 269 (+65). Ellis added games of 256 and 200 for a 725 (+113) series. Muth tossed the high series with a 761 (+125) on games of 268 (+56)-267-226.  JnJ Vapor shot the high team game with a 1148, while Stenger Plumbing had the high team series with a 3220. Ardean Stone, Duane Stenger, Jim Brown Jr., Rob Brunken and Dave Neemeyer bowled for Stenger Plumbing.

There were other noteworthy performances turned in during league play. Two other bowlers joined Ellis and Muth in the 50/100 club. Jon Faltys had a 256 (+54) and a 716(+110) while Chris Scheel had a 267(+69) and a 700(+106). Just missing out of joining the club was Behnken and Monte Leu. Behnken with a 229 (+56) and a 617 (+98), while Leu had a 235 (+50) and a 647 (+92).

There were two bowlers to shoot at least 90 pins over their series average, while four bowlers rolled games at least 50 pins above their averages.  Rieck had a 691 (+94) series while Lee Aschoff had a 691 (+91) series. Stan Rinkol had a 267 (+65), Nathan Bordy shot a 243 (+62), Shane Gottschall tossed a 265(+57), and last, but not least, Stenger rolled a 257(+55). Nice bowling to one and all. 

Dawn Johnson scored the high game and series for the ladies at Boulevard last week with a 247 and a 634, respectively. The men’s high game and series for the week came from our featured league. Ellis’s 269 game and Muth’s 761 series. 

Zach Schoenhofer was tops for the men at Westbrook with a 676. Yours truly tossed the men's high series with a 758. The ladies were led by Paige Sohl's 256 game and Shawna Woosley's 632 series.

Until next week, Boulevard’s “WIN”AX tournament continues.  Be sure to call and sign up.

Chuck McCarthy is a freelance writer for The Telegram. Read his weekly editions of Kegler's Korner normally in each Thursday edition.

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