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Today I reveal the thirty-fourth version of Kegler's Korner all-city bowling teams.

The top five point totals will earn first-team status for both the men and women. The second five will earn second-team honors. The scoring system will consist of three ways to earn points. The first is highest league average with a minimum of 50 games bowled. The second will be the use of a composite average with a minimum of 120 games bowled. The men will use a base average of 200, while the women will use 170. For every pin over the base average, you will receive a point. The third will go to the top three scratch finishes in both the men and women's city tournaments. You earn three points for a first-place finish, two for second place and one for third. I will use only the singles, doubles and all events finishes.

Other ways to earn bonus points towards the all-city teams are with high game and series for both men and women during the bowling season. Any bowler who rolls a 300 game will get two points. If no 300 game is bowled, then the bowler with the highest game will get the two points. Any male bowler that shoots a 800 series and any female bowler who shoots a 700 series will get three points. If there are no 800 series bowled for the men or no 700 series bowled for the women, the highest series for both will receive three points. Also, the top five finishers in both the Masters and Pro Style will pick up points. first place gets five points, followed by four points, three points, two points and one point for fifth place.

Now I'd like to introduce the 2016-17 all-city Teams. The women's first-team members are Wanda Borowiak, Shayna Hogan, Emily Hoefer, Jane Moore and Shawna Woosley. Borowiak makes her sixth appearance. Hogan is making her fifth appearance. Both Hoefer and Moore earned their fourth all-city selection, while this is Woosley third appearance. The men's first-team members are John Eckholt, Jeff Nitz, Dennis Meyer, George McCarthy and Wyatt Ellis. Eckholt has been named all thirty-four years. Both Nitz and Meyer have earned their seventh appearance. McCarthy has been named to his sixth all-city team, while it’s the second all-city honor for Ellis. Both all-city teams will be honored at the annual hall of fame and awards banquet. Date and place to be determined later.

Although the second team will not receive certificates at the banquet, they will be introduced. Besides, it gives those members something to shoot for as they bowl this season. The women's second team is Barb Sampson, Tami Swanson, Dawn Horak, Diana Lippstreu and Kate Paprocki. The men's second team is Gary Muth, Terry Henke, Chuck Jensen, Mike Anderson and yours truly. Congratulations to the 2016-2017 all-city bowlers.

And now for our top bowlers from the past week. Boulevard Lanes' Henke chose Andy "fall on my face" Kallhoff, Khara Lyon and Roger Wurdeman. Kallhoff had a night of firsts to earn the men’s honor for the week with both high game and series. He shot is first ever 300 game. He added games of 257 and 245 for a 802 series, his first ever over 800. Kallhoff also had, what is to be believed, his first ever face plant on the lane. With the installation of new carpet at Boulevard, there were a few bowlers who had some issues on the approaches. Lyon was the ladies choice with her 642 series, on scores of 214-225-203. Wurdeman claimed the senior nod with his 204 game and 584 series. Shayla Long led all the ladies for the week with a 760 series, on games of 233-247-280. Shayla, as a teammate of your husband, please give him a couple pointers.

Westbrook Lanes’ Eckholt picked Dustin Schaefer, Zach Martensen and Butch Paben. Schaefer and Martensen shared the men’s pick, as they both tossed games of 279. Schaefer finished with a 689 series, while Martensen had a 727 series. Paben took home the senior award with a 623 series. First team, all-city member George McCarthy had the top scores for the men with a 288 game and 768 series. Second team, all-city member Diana Lippstreu led the ladies the past week with a 222 game and 545 series.

Until next week, sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Andy Kallhoff 300 – 802

Khara Lyon 225 – 642

Roger Wurdeman 204 – 584

Westbrook Lanes

Dustin Schaefer 279 – 689

Zach Martensen 279 – 727

Butch Paben xxx – 623

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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