This week we feature the Senior Leisure league that bowls on Tuesdays at Westbrook Lanes.

This seven-team league bowls 34 weeks, with the league divided into 17 week halves. The league champion is determined by the team with the best overall record between the winners of each half. The Dream Team, made up of Sheila Thalken, John Atkins, Dan Austin and Butch Paben is the defending champion.

Prior to league play on Nov. 14th, The Storm sat in first place with a 35-13 record. Dan Rief, Dick Borer, Walt Niedbalski and Dennis Beck are the four regulars, while John Morinelli is their sub. The high team game and series belong to The Hurricanes with scores of 827 and 2446, respectively. Gene Zeilinger, Jim Anson, Charlie Wozny and Ralph Jilg make up The Hurricanes. On the individual side, Wozny has the high series for the men with a 738. Gary Muth has the high game with a 264 and the high average with a 202. On the ladies side, Denise Reese has the high game with a 210. The high series and average belong to Linda Rieck with a 535 and a 153.

During league play last week, The Hurricanes shot the high team game with a 766. The high team series was shot by The Gingersnaps with a 2220. Larraine Austin, Dee McCarthy, Bob Hopp and Muth make up the Gingersnaps. On the individual side of things, Muth led the men with a 240 game and a 690 series. Muth’s 690 series was 84 pins above average. McCarthy rolled the high game for the ladies with a 201, 59 pins over her average. Rieck had the high series for the ladies with a 527.

There were three other bowlers that rolled at least 75 pins over their series average. Leading the way was Allen Latzel, his 533 series was 107 pins on the plus side. Hopp and Jilg were both 87 pins over average. Hopp tossed a 606, while Jilg had a 579.

There were five bowlers that shot games at least 30 pins over average. Anson’s 219 was 42 pins above. Tami Clark and Borer were both 40 pins over with games of 185 and 179 respectively. Marv Shalon’s 193 was 37 pins to the good. Last, but not least, Rieck was 32 pins on the positive side with a 185. Nice bowling to one and all.

The bowlers of the week from Westbrook Lanes were John Riedmiller, Tom Settje, Ernie Menchaca and Deb Murcek. Riedmiller, Settje and Menchaca all shared the men’s honor this week. Riedmiller shot the high game for the men with a 280. He finished with a 715 series, his first ever 700. Settje tossed a 768 series, to earn him a share of the honor. Menchaca shot a 278 game, which was 116 pins over his 162 average. Murcek took the senior honor with a 225 game and a 601 series. Her series was high for the week for all the ladies. Shawna Woosley rolled the high game for the ladies with a 231. Eckholt had the high series for the men with a 774.

Terry Henke selected Nick Leick, Kyle Brestel and Tiger Osten as Boulevard Lanes' bowlers of the week. Leick fired a 727 series on scores of 224-217-286. Brestel rolled both the high game and series for the week with a 300 and 737. This was Brestel’s fourth perfect game. His other two games were 211 and 226. Osten’s 203 game and 590 series gave him the senior honor. The ladies were led by Karma Zysset and Emily Hoefer. Zysset shot a 225 game, while Hoefer rolled a 634 series.

Until next week, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Nick Leick 286 – 727

Kyle Brestel 300 – 737

Tiger Osten 203 – 590

Westbrook Lanes

John Riedmiller 280 – 715

Tom Settje xxx – 768

Ernie Menchaca 278 – xxx

Deb Murcek 225 – 601

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.