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This week's featured league is the Monday night 20th Century League from Boulevard Lanes.

When I spoke to Terry Henke about this league and how it worked, he said their rules are a little different from other leagues. There are seven teams that bowl 30 weeks, with four bowlers per team. The league is divided into three 10-week sessions, with the top two teams from each session receiving money. At the end of the season, the overall records determines how the roll offs will be conducted. The top four overall records will be in the upper division, while the other three teams compete in the lower division. The league has a set amount for each place first through seventh.

Last season, Hanke Yanke won it all. Jeff Johnson, Tateum Lueschen, Brad Wagoner and Dan Borowiak form the defending champions.

With only five weeks in the books in this young season, PIC sits in first place with a 16.5-3.5 record. PIC has used five bowlers this year and they are, Lowell Brock, Tom Kozak, Terry Henke, Ryan Lewis and Zach Lesiak.

At the start of league play last week, Joey Martensen held the high game with a 288. Henke has the high series with a 728. Wyatt Ellis carries the high average with a 212. Both the high team game and series belongs to PIC with a 889 and a 2537.

During league play on Oct. 16, Hanke Yanke led the league with an 865. Boone Co. shot the high team series with a 2295. Dave Merrell, Brady Christman, Dave Molt and Eric Johnson bowled for Boone Co. On the individual side, Hanke Yanke’s Wagoner shot the high game with a 246, 56 pins over his average. Zach Lesiak tossed the high series with a 699, 96 pins above his average.

There were several bowlers who had a nice night. Topping the list was Dakota Locke. Locke rolled a 427 series, 109 pins over his series average. Jeff Ware was 87 pins above his series average with a 648 series.

Seven others tossed games that were at least 30 pins above their averages. Helping Boone Co. to the high team series was Merrell’s 244 game, which was 60 pins over. Borowiak was 51 pins above with a 245. Willy Avila’s 175 was 47 pins to the good. Rich Kula was 44 pins on the positive side with a 208. Tiger Osten’s 235 was 42 pins over. Kevin Saalfeld was 34 pins above with a 214. Last, but not least, Martensen was 32 above his average with a 228. Nice bowling to one and all.

John Eckholt selected Brandon Silvey, Lorrie Ware and Charlie Wozny as Westbrook Lanes' Bowlers of the Week. Silvey earned the men’s selection with a 728 series. Ware, who carries a 143 average, shot a 245 game and a 531 series to be the ladies choice. The senior pick went to Wozny for his 256 game and 738 series. Shawna Woosley had the high series for the ladies with a 622. Eckholt led the men with a 300 game and a 773 series.

Henke named Paul Hansen, Jane Moore and Bernie Moran as bowlers of the week from Boulevard Lanes. Hansen took home the men’s pick with the high series of 751 on games of 265-229-257. Moore earned the women’s selection with a 222 game and a 619 series. Moran got the senior nod for his 203 game and 569 series. Emily Hoefer led all the ladies for the week with a 225 game and a 656 series. Dave Neemeyer’s 268 game was high for the men.

Until next week, remember the Big Pals-Little Pals bowl-a-thon will be held Nov. 5 at Westbrook Lanes.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Paul Hansen 265 – 751

Jane Moore 222 – 619

Bernie Moran 203 – 569

Westbrook Lanes

Brandon Silvey xxx – 728

Lorrie Ware 245 – 531

Charlie Wozny 256 – 738

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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