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This week we take a look at the Wednesday night Alley Queens league at Westbrook Lanes. Secretary Shirley Gottschall says they have a nine-team, five-member league that bowls 34 weeks. The season is divided into 17-week halves, with the winners of each half meeting in the finals. Sleep Inn will have the opportunity to defend their title, as they claimed the first half with a 49.5-18.5 record. Rayetta Williams, LoJean Morgan, Bernie Podraza, Suanne Boswell, Janis Kraft, Deb Murcek and Gottschall have all bowled for Sleep Inn this season.

Gottschall was telling me there is one team that is the league favorite. The Westbrook Pro Shop team is so enjoyable to bowl against. Melissa Jenny, Amy Marik, Gisela Gross, Macy Augustine and Cheyenne Locke are fun to bowl with. With only one bowler with an average over 100, these girls demonstrate how they really enjoy the sport of bowling. Gottschall noted that earlier this season, Jenny shot a 182 game and 450 series while holding a 105 average. Locke shot a 148 game, which was 52 pins over her average. Gottschall says they always have a smile on their faces, no matter how they bowl. She says they bring smiles to all the other bowlers as well.

At the start of league play (Dec. 20), Sleep Inn held the high team game and series with a 851 and 2,425. On the individual side, Barb Sampson leads the way with a 238 game, 656 series and 181 average.

Following league play, Sleep Inn shot the high team series with a 2,342. Asgrow rolled the high team game with a 844. Ann Hemmer, Loretta Wegner, Sandy Preister, Sally Korth and Laurie Hemmer bowled for Asgrow. Carla McEntee had the high game with a 189 (+56), while Morgan had the high series with a 496.

League play also saw six other bowlers turn in noteworthy performances. Leading the way was Laurie Hemmer. Her 490 series was 85 pins over, while her 188 game was plus 53 pins. The next five bowlers all shot games at least 30 pins above average. Mary Ann Schmidt tossed a 177 (+38). Morgan had a 181 (+34). Sandy Hausler rolled a 157 (+33). Ann Hemmer had a 172 (+32), while Megan Selden rolled a 145 (+32). Nice bowling to all the ladies.

This week from Boulevard Lanes, Terry Henke selected Tom Kozak, Loren Stuhr and yours truly as his bowlers of the week. Kozak rolled a 712 series on games of 231-279-202 to share the men’s honor for the week. Stuhr took the senior award with a 251 game and 533 series. I was able to claim both the high series and game for the men with a 771 on scores of 299-256-216. The ladies were led by Emily Hoefer with a 235 game and 629 series.

Westbrook Lanes' John Eckholt named Mike Anderson, Janis Sculley and Don Peters as his bowlers of the week. Anderson shot a 280 game on his way to the high series for the week with a 803. Sculley led the ladies for past week with a 220 game and 603 series. Peters took home the senior honor with his 242 game and 622 series. The high game of the week was shot by the better McCarthy bowler, George. He tossed his second 300 game of the season, his 22nd of his career.

Bowlers of the Week

Boulevard Lanes

Tom Kozak 279 - 712

Loren Stuhr 251 - 533

Chuck McCarthy 299 - 771

Westbrook Lanes

Mike Anderson 280 - 803

Janis Sculley 220 - 603

Don Peters 242 - 622

Chuck McCarthy is a local bowler whose columns are featured weekly in The Telegram during bowling season.


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